Outlook always updating cached messages plenty more fish dating silver pond

So, while this fix wasn’t focused on increasing Outlook’s IMAP performance, it does have this lucky side-effect.Dear All, I have outlook 2010 configured with an exchange account; the exchange is 2010. When i click on the send/receive or restart the outlook, the new e-mails are downloaded. Is there any way to speed up IMAP performance in Outlook 2010?While IMAP performance is slower than for POP3, Exchange or Hotmail account in Outlook, long hangs or even crashes of Outlook should not happen.I was able to reproduce this problem using a clean install of Windows 7/Office 2010 on a different laptop with a Verizon mifi to test outside our ISP.

By default, 12 months of your email is available offline, but you can control how much mail is kept offline.I upgraded to Outlook 2010 and I have the feeling that my IMAP account performance has become slower.Especially when switching folders, it takes quite a while for Outlook to become active again and shows “Not Responding” in the Title Bar.When cached mode is disabled, he immediately receives his emails.He recently visited our area and his hotel uses the same ISP as our offices.

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