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Lots of lubrication (saliva or either of your love juice) is so essential to the circumcised John Thomas, friction is a passion killer, as are teeth!

Soft, gentle tickling and stroking will have him comfortably hard as a rock and gagging to cum.

You can add this to the alternation pattern, but aways spend the most time gently playing with his knob with your mouth, lips and tongue. its not a matter of cut or uncut it is more a matter of technique...

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And suck, please don't just leave it in your mouth like a dead fish.If you want to PM me I can help you and tell you EXACTLY what to do, cause I think I can get in trouble for posting something like that in a thread lol. The more sensation on the head the more likely he'll cum. The skin-n-blur preview shows attractive nervous singles as they awkwardly navigate first dates without clothes at a tropical resort.just talk to him about this and work on your technique they love alot of tounge action and they love it when you can deep throat but dont gag thats unappealing LOLHi.There are some very interesting theories on here and quite a lot of good advice. It is true that a good vigorous, well lubricated, hand job will also do the trick, but if you really want to make your man cum with your mouth alone, you will have to be mostly sensual, slow, gentle and wet.

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