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But away from all the unpleasantness of King's Landing we had a family reunion to be happy about. Sansa and Bran have reunited, throwing two more Starks together. Knowledge of all the events past and present has made his objective clear. I suspect this might be prophecy and perhaps parentage related.Don't worry Sansa, your assassin sister Arya might still be happy to see you.Ice and fire, Stark and Targaryen — together at last.I was half expecting sparks, but what we got was an icy reception.And this season you've heard characters (Sansa in the last episode and Jon himself in this one) reference Aerys burning Rickard Stark (Ned's father) while his son Brandon (Ned's older brother) was made to watch and strangled himself.The brutal fate of Ellaria and Tyene Sand isn't too dissimilar.She gave birth some time after she was "kidnapped" by crown prince Rhaegar Targaryen, which started Robert Baratheon's whole rebellion (Robert was betrothed to Lyanna). Here we have two outsiders from their own families, now thrust into important roles.We don't know for certain who the father is, but since the list is pretty much only one name long a lot of people have taken a very sharp stab at it. PETE: Speaking of ships, missing ones to be precise … I ate up the Jon/Tyrion banter this episode and finally Jon admitted he's a bit rubbish when it comes to this diplomacy thing. Tyrion is probably as close a friend as Jon is going to get in this lonely game.

With precious few episodes left to wrap things up, HBO hit fast-forward on Game of Thrones this week.But don't all the best unions seem to start with breakdowns of communication anyway?I think we can expect these two the grow on each other …Emilia Clarke as Daenerys was imposing, showing us very much what sort of Queen this young Targaryen is.From the finale last season we know about her love of wildfire.It was the Mad King's old stockpile she used to blow up the Great Sept.

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