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Recalling his earliest thoughts of becoming a priest, Fr Chuck Slisz remembers at the age of five years old, “sitting in a little chair all by myself and saying, ‘God, could I be a priest when I grow up? He attended Infant of Prague Elementary School and then entered the Diocesan Preparatory Seminary.

’ I saw priests at church but didn’t know anything about how that happens.” Whenever people asked what he wanted to be when he grew up he would respond – a priest. He was the only one of his siblings to be born in a hospital. He was there for 8 or 9 years and then moved on to become pastor of St. After graduating from there he went to Wadhams Hall Seminary College and then the North American College in Rome.

He enjoys being a part of the lives of his parishioners as well as the people he works with.

He said, “It’s a different sort of experience every day depending on what’s happening in people’s lives.” The administration end of being a pastor is challenging. He shared that, “Every time you turn around something has to be done and you’re always the one who has to answer the questions.

In addition to raising their children full time, Dan’s mother also home schooled them through high school.

Father Dan recalled his earliest thoughts of becoming a priest occurred one day at Mass. Frank Skupien distributed Holy Communion he was standing at the altar, ‘doing the dishes’ (purifying the vessels).

Louis Church across the street from the Catholic Center.His parents both worked for Kodak but after the children came along, his mother stayed home to raise them full time.The Serbicki family moved to Holley, NY when Dan was six years old which also moved them from the Diocese of Rochester to the Diocese of Buffalo. He shared, “For retired priests there are always places to go. I don’t like conflict so when there are staff conflicts, when you have to confront someone with something or, God forbid, fire somebody, that’s the kind of stuff that is really tough.” For men considering priesthood, Fr. Chuck believes it is sometimes possible to have a kind of idealistic view of priesthood that might not be quite accurate and spending time with a priest could clear up any misconceptions. Young Salvatore Manganello grew up in Cheektowaga with a twin brother and two sisters. Joseph Cathedral in Buffalo where he currently resides. The priesthood has its difficult moments as well such as, “dealing with expectations and demands of people that are often times quite unrealistic. Get together with a priest you know to get a sense of what he does in the course of the day.” Fr. Sal Manganello has had that experience plus a whole lot more.

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