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“It’s our network, but it’s also a playground.” Indeed, the mesh has become a major social hub.There are blogs, discussion forums, a Craigslist knockoff; they’ve held movie nights where one member streams a flick and hundreds tune in to watch. They start getting to know someone next door—they find the same interests; they find someone to go out and talk with.” People have fallen in love after meeting on the mesh. Scores of communities worldwide have been building these roll-your-own networks—often because a mesh can also be used as a cheap way to access the regular internet.

His group partners with community organizations that pay for backbone access.To gain access, you need someone to connect your house to that backbone.This is what’s known as the “last mile” problem, and it’s usually solved by large internet service providers such as AT&T and Comcast.(Guifi is a complex stew of charity, free-riding, and cost-sharing.) To join the bucket brigade, all you had to do was add some hardware that allowed your computer’s wifi hub to pass along the signal to anyone in your vicinity.Gradually, one hub at a time, Guifi grew into the world’s largest mesh, with more than 21,000 members.

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