Vancouver dating scene why is it so hard to score dating in england vs america

asian girls probably have not been hit on a zillion times by unwanted creepy guys ....

I've lived here in Southern California - Los Angeles to be exact - almost all my life and women here are amongst the toughest to score compared to women all over the world.

I've actually met a lot of Asian girls who won't date Asian guys.

Haha My experience is that women that are new to the country are looking to either hook up or haven't been subject to the AMERICAN way yet.

Actually confident people will often come off like douchebags which is way worse, but there also exists a rare minority of people who have their social skills perfectly balanced.I'm not gonna go into too much details but there's also reasons why your foreign visitors were amazed at how women treat men here.It's not that women are bad, it's the culture and lifestyle of the dating scene here.Yes as logic has it some women are happy to see that the guy is American because their men are more likely to be confident and not be so nervous about what everyone is thinking about him.That is something that frusturated Canadian men don't understand when they resort to blaming women or the city and are making another thread about how bad he has it. Or is it just that Canadian cities are bad places for dating?

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