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the first member of the consortium spent her education being fearful in a couple of classes in her Primary school where it was common practice for teacher to throw chalk ,even blackboard rubbers at non-attentive pupils, and use a ruler on the hands and a slipper on the backsides of disobedient pupils in front of the class.However, it was in Secondary school, where a pupil was cold-heartedly caned by a master that set her on the road to becoming first a Teacher, a Pimp then a Brothel Madam.If she wasn't talented, then Tony unashamedly groomed, if not forced her onto the Game.Many a budding Star had gone on stage with her arse stinging and red-hot, Aware that Tony promoted a good spanking as a psychological aid to an animated performance.They soon found out that if they couldn't "the deep throat" then they were passed over for another hopeful who could.He soon had a stable of willing young, spunk filled, talent who he exploited discreetly, but unashamedly.His money paid for the flight, the force passport visas and sundry expenses, a service for which he charged ,000, a loan which the girls were then encouraged to prostitute themselves to repay at very high interest rates. In promoting girls who had talent, he was very aware of the urgent need of girls to be Celebrities and took every advantage of it.Young starry eyed groupies who came into his office looking for stardom, were given short shrift, he made it quite clear from the start that he had no interest helping them unless they were willing to go over his knee for a spanking, and then onto the bed for a good screwing and a little bit of sodomy.

Any girl found abusing this trust, could find herself in very serious trouble.Every opportunity being made to demonstrate just who their boss's were.Tony egged on usually by Angie was the worst offender feeling he had every right to put the girls through the groping, mainly because most of them were earning money, good money because he had sponsored them on dancing contracts to come to the UK. A local entrepreneur who had made good he had made his money through importing goods and services from abroad, and then expanded into his first love Show business.This was a price the girl had to pay for Celebrity grooming.If the girl was successful, she accepted it as a price for stardom.

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    Apart from that, the reputation of Kota as a dangerous area in Jakarta is over-exaggerated, especially if you compare it to the dangerous areas in western countries, where you would never walk alone.

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